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What is it: teeth whitening is a great solution to having your teeth look whiter, brighter, and more natural, while eliminating any stains or discolorations as a result of drinking coffee, tea, or smoking. Teeth whitening options include an abrasive teeth brightening, a mild acid whitening, and a chemical whitening.

What does it involve: the teeth whitening procedure is a relatively quick and painless one. The first visit to the dentist includes the making of a custom mouth tray that is designed to ensure that proper amount of whitening is applied to the teeth. The at-home-kit option means that your dentist provides you with the custom mouth tray, the materials you will need, and step-by-step instructions on how to properly administer the teeth whitening procedure. Sessions can take up to 2-3 hours or, in some cases, can be recommended that the tray be kept in your mouth over night for optimal results.

 Additionally: in addition to teeth whitening, there is also the teeth bleaching option that includes doing it yourself, at home, or can be done in the office. Home bleaching is typically regimented for a period of two to three weeks, at which point you will see your dentist for a follow up appointment. Teeth whitening can last anywhere from one to several years without touch ups, depending on how a person maintains their dental hygiene.


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