Non Surgical Gum Treatment

dentist-on-Coney-IslandNon surgical gum treatment is accomplished by using local anesthesia to numb several teeth  (quadrant).  Then access to the roots is obtained through gum pockets to remove calculus and dead, infected tissue from inner surface of the pocket as well as the surface of the root.

Appropriate medication is applied into the pockets and is sealed with a special material to prevent washing out, for several days.  This special dressing may cause a slight esthetic discomfort during the time of treatment.

After the treatment is over, patient must remain under doctor’s close supervision.  To keep healthy gums patient must come into the office for periodic check-ups, prophy-laxis, and/or additional treatment when indicated by attending dentist.  Patients must also follow home care instructions at all times.

Your treatment will take several visits over a few weeks to complete.  During this time you may experience some soreness and discomfort, from anesthesia and around teeth being treated.

These problems will go away, however, in rare cases the discomfort may become pain which then may require additional treatment.   These other procedures may result in additional charges to you.

Despite the very high success rate this procedures enjoys threes a chance that soft and bony tissues will not regenerate, and some teeth may need eventually to be extracted.  The treatment may need to be repeated several times during patient’s lifetime.  Therefore, this treatment is recommended in the earliest stages of gum disease.  If, however, extractions are necessary, these teeth may later be replaced with bridges or partial dentures.


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