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What it is: an initial oral examination involves a thorough visual examination of your teeth and gums.

What it involves: a screening for oral cancer, a review of your chart that references any existing conditions, a periodontal probing, and finally a diagnosis of any potential dental or periodontal conditions are all part of your initial oral examination. Upon coming to a diagnosis, you will be presented with a recommendation of full treatment options.

Additionally: a series of full-mouth X-rays will also be taken, as well as a panoramic X-ray, which may not give the most detailed view of the teeth but it does show the jaw structure, which is important. During your initial oral examination, X-rays are required in order to give a complete assessment of your dental health, and is the only way we can accurately diagnose and perform any necessary procedures for the dental conditions revealed in the X-ray.

In some cases, if you have received a recent X-ray from your previous provider (recent would be less than 12 months), there may be an option to request to have your records and X-rays released to our office via email or snail mail; though there may be a charge from the previous provider.

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