Crowns and Caps

Coney-Island-DentistWhat is it: crowns and caps can help to protect a tooth that has become fractured or if a filling has become damaged by decay; it is also used to restore a tooth that has been through a root canal procedure, to prevent teeth from cracking, and to cover implants.

What it involves: the procedure for placing a crown and cap to a tooth involves decreasing the size of the damaged tooth and cementing the crown over the affected tooth. The dentist will take an impression of your natural tooth and form a cast that matches the bite and shape of your mouth. The cast is sent to lab where a custom crown is designed from materials such as porcelain, metal, and ceramic. The patient leaves the initial visit with a temporary crown, but once the lab finishes and sends back the permanent crown, the dentist orally cements it in.

Additionally: Be sure to properly care for your crowns and caps by flossing daily around the crown area to prevent plaque build-up. Crowns and caps, when installed by a quality and experienced dental professional, can last for many years.


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