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bridges-and-denturesWhat is it: bridges and dentures are used to improve your dental health when it comes to missing one or more teeth. Types of bridges include the fixed bridge and removable options and are made of materials such as gold, alloys, and porcelain, while dentures include the remaking of the entire mouth of removable teeth.

What it involves: the procedures for bridges and dentures do vary depending on your specific oral needs. A bridge is made up of acrylic, artificial teeth, and is installed in a way that gives the appearance of a natural set of teeth. The difference between the fixed bridge and the removable bridge and is that the removable bridge can be taken out of the mouth, while the fixed bridge cannot.

Dentures also come in a variety of options, such as the partial denture and the complete denture. The partial is recommended for people who still have natural teeth remaining in their mouth, and the mouth would be filled in with a partial set of artificial teeth. While the person who no longer has a healthy set of teeth would be highly recommended to explore the option of complete dentures, which in addition to their chewing functionality, can improve a persons smile and facial structure.

Take note that the process of designing a denture is along and tedious one, that involves at least a month’s time and as many as five appointments. Over the duration of your dental visits, you will need to have an impression of your teeth taken, a determination of positioning and vertical dimensions through the use of a wax bite, and a stage called the try-inn phase which involves confirmation of fit, color, and shape. Finally, your dentures will need to be installed and may need a few minor adjustments.

Additionally: bridges and dentures can feel a bit awkward and even bulky after the initial installation, but will begin to feel more natural as you get used to wearing them. Be sure to start out eating only soft foods like bananas and mashed potatoes, and avoid foods that require a lot of chewing like rough meats, as well as any sticky foods. Adhesives can be a great solution if your feel self-conscious that your bridges or dentures might slip, but should only be used on well-fitted dentures.


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